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The Epiphanies of Dr. Steven Best: Interview with Claudette Vaughn of Vegan Voice, Fall 2004

Abolitionist Online (2006)

“Taste of Leeds” (2006)

Milwaukee IndyMedia Interview (2005)


“Direct Action and the Politics of Nature,” Rattle the Cage Productions (2003)

"Direct Action and the Politics of Nature" - Video Excerpt (2003)

“Activist or Terrorist?”, London Channel 4 Documentary (2005)

“Animals”, UK Docudrama (2005)

“Behind the Mask” (2006)

“America’s #1 Terrorists” (2006)

Lectures at University of Utah, Salt Lake City (2006)

“Testify! Eco-Defense and the Politics of Violence” (2007)


Sounds of Dissent (2004)

Healing the Earth Radio (June 28, 2006)

Animal Voices (October 2002)

Animal Voices (September 2006)

“Commonalities of Oppression” (National Animal Rights Conference, 2004)

Resistance is Fertile Interview (2006)
(interview is halfway down page. To go directly to the interview, click the links below:
First Part of Interview - click here
Second Part of Interview - click here



“Speaking for the Animals, or the Terrorists?” Scott Smallwood, The Chronicle of Higher Education (2005)

Violence and Terrorism, Annual Editions (2007/2008)

Book Reviews

Healing the Earth Radio Review of Igniting A Revolution (2006)

Abolitionist Online of Igniting A Revolution (2006)

Love Is A Burning Thing - Review of Igniting A Revolution (2006)

Reviews of Terrorists or Freedom Fighters (2005)